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                                                                                                                                                 Sissies and Sissy Babys

I have been caring and training Sissies over 15 years …I take them under my wing and teach and help them find their inner self..

Welcome home ! Even if you have never been to my pretty, frilly spot in the universe before, you will soon come to consider this home, a place where you can truly be yourself, relax, meet others like yourself(your wittle sisters/brother babies), learn from your Mistress/Momma, and just Be Pretty.

If you’re ever feeling alone in your sissiness, like no one understands your need to be cared for and feminine and pretty, you need My guidance care and understanding… And sissies like you need Mistresses like me!

For the longest time I have always enjoyed sissies. Sissies are what I love to humiliate,train,and own.

Many just love the idea of what it means to be a sissy. But its hard to find a Mistress who truly loves to train a sissy let alone own them.Now you just may have found your true Mistress… Most sissies do not have any chance whatsoever other than being a humiliation slut. Its not the same thing and that is why alot search truly for a Mistress who enjoys sissies. Sissies are longing to be beautiful, humiliated, used, and to release the inner slut inside..

It is because of this that for years now I have trained a sissies to accept what they are but also to make them evolve.

A lot of my sissys are very keen to complete Sissy Tasks.

My tasks are tailored to develop my sissies and involve regular, main tasks with occasional mini tasks.

Tasks are usually completed in a given period, mostly about a week. New Sissy Tasks are notified by email and contain detailed activities instructions of what has to be done and what proof is required by Mistress to satisfy her that the task is complete.


feetandhands taped

There is just something about getting in touch with your inner child. For many people it means a state of innocence, humbleness, playfulness, creativity, an over all sense well being and they feel like their mind is open the more and more they feel in touch with their inner child.

My sissys love their momma need their momma ..I care for them ,teach them ,be there for them.And train them to find their inner self .Learn them to relax let it all out ..

When you have something that involves cuddling teddy bears, wearing cartoon characters, twirling in baby doll dresses and finding the beauty in the simple to the not so simple things in life I am absolutely sure I can say is something very sweet. A dream is a wish your heart makes and when it is followed it can turn into something beautiful.





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23 thoughts on “All Adbl /Sissys/Sissy Babys

  1. I am one of Mistress Krystala’s sissy babies and have been for a few years now. I would not have or want any other Mommy in my life. Mistress Krystala is the only one for me and you will be sorely mistaken if you do not feel the same way i do. I love you Mommy. Thank you for being my Mommy

    Let me start at the beginning. My name was or still is actually Jim, but I now go by sissy baby tammy. The reason for this is I am now and have always been a sissy baby, although until 2 ½ yrs ago I didn’t realize it.

    I was the first born of my siblings, all boys, and I was also the smallest. When I was growing up I was always crying about something and yes wetting my bed at nights. There was 4 yrs between my middle brother and me and another 4 yrs before the youngest brother arrived on the scene. This being the case there was always plenty of cloth diapers and plastic pants to go around.
    I can remember one scene like it was yesterday, when my father was particularly mad at me for what he called me acting like a baby. He took me into the nursey and quickly stripped me and diapered me. Later in life I was told that before I started school and then in the afternoons after kindergarten I was always put down for a nap in a diaper and in the crib with my baby brother.
    Now in kindergarten I remember my first interest in lacey material when I was caught touching the hem of a pretty dress worn by one of my classmates. Yes I got in trouble and yes my parents were informed. Of course with societies thinking back then I was told that it was wrong too even think of girls dresses and I should be interested in things boys do. Well that is hard when you are little and even the girls are taller then you.
    Anyways back too the diapers. As I said that with the difference in age between my brothers and myself and plenty of diapers around. Well if I had accidents at night I ended up in diapers. I don’t know or remember for how long but was told I was.
    I tried for years too be a normal male, even dated and got married and had children with my spouse. The feeling of womens clothing came back strong and I did my best too ignore it till one halloween my ex wife suggested I dress up. Well all I can say was I felt like I was almost on cloud 9. I dressed all the way, with my wifes help, make up and everything. It was hard not too want to dress after that.
    After the kids were born I got my first taste of breast milk. All I can say is I LOVE IT, and I do anything (well I think almost anything) too be breast fed again. Although this time dressed as a sissy baby. After we divorced and I was browsing the internet I came across adult diaper stories. These stories woke up a small part of me wanting too try diapers. Yes I was embarassed buying something I thought only seniors wore as they got older, but no I was never given a second look by the clerk when I was.
     Years went by after a few months of trying diapers and another failed marriage, where the wife got all bent out of shape because I wanted too wear panties. I came home from work one day and found she had tossed them and my other femme clothes out and then promptly asked me too move out by the end of the month. That was 5 yrs ago.
     At that time I started dressing in earnest when I got home from work and soon got introduced too a wonderful site where the ladies are dominant and males like me are submissive and I tried too be a “normal” sissy liking women’s clothing wasn’t hard, but the problem was walking. I am a clutz at walking in heels. I also still had this problem of a small bladder and was getting up several times a night too go pee.
    Then about 2 ½ years ago I consider myself one of the luckiest sissies around too start up talking too Mistress Krystala. After awhile and once I was under her wing, Mistress tried different things with me and found that I was the most relaxed and probably the happiest I had been in along time when she had me buy nappies. I started too sleep better and wasn’t cranky (although I still through tantrums now and then).
     I really don’t know when or how long it was after nappies started at night when Mistress Krystala came too the conclusion that I was nothing more than a big sissy baby. Thus began my journey back in to babyhood. Without her calming influence as my momma I do not know where I be today outside of totally confused and wasting away trying too figure out who tammy really is. Mistress Krystala in her loving and caring, yet demanding way has step by step reduced me to that of a baby. It is sometimes these days difficult to have too think as an adult, I cry at the drop of a hat, and as far as bladder control well say bye bye to that. I am so use too wearing nappies now that even my girly jeans are big enough in the ass to fit over a nappy. Altho I will admit if it was more than doubled the only pants that would fit would be sweat pants.
     When Mistress Krystala says she wants too control every parrt of your life fellow sissies, my advise is let her. Yes our stubborn male pride kicks in sometime and when we don’t let it, I can tell you from personal experience having Mistress Krystala guide you and help you with your decsions when they need too be made is so much easier for this sissy.
    I admit that at the time of this writing that I don’t serve her presently, but Mistress Krystala and I have remained good friends, and yes I do to this day defer too her. Mistress Krystala is the best woman both vanillia and this lifestyle too come into my life and given the opportunity too serve her again as her sissy baby I would crawl at it (jump at it for those who can walk…giggles).
    Remember one thing fellow submissives and sissies that if you already serve her, do everything within your power too stay serving her. You will never find another lady like Mistress Krystala.
     Remember too adore, obey and worship her, love also must be there.

  3. I am Krystalas Sissy, and enjoy every moment of it, she is the best Mistress ever. Sometimes it can be hard or uncomfortable to complete her assignments, but I know I have to, because she is doing it to make me a better sissy, and I know I need her guidence.

  4. I know as sissies and sissy babies we need to keep ourselves in shape for our wonderful Mistress/Momma the beautiful Mistress Krystala.
    Here is what i propose and if anyone has anything else to add i am sure Mistress will be thrilled to add to my proposal.

    1. Instead of doing men push ups as we are not men but sissies. We should start doing sissy push ups (what they use to use for women) with our knees on the ground. As we are going down we open our mouths and take our dildos that are fasten too the floor before us and go down on it. There for killing two birds with one stone. Exercise and dildo sucking training.

    2.Will be stretching exercise, with expandable plug in our sissy holes and as we stretch one hand up and then bend sideways we pump the plug up 2 pumps. Then we do the other side. We do this the amount of times Mistress wishes.

    3. Instead of doing knee bends, we do squats. Positioning one self on your knees and spread, you lower yourself on to your dildo. Again 2 things at once. Exercise for the legs, and getting use to taking a cock up our sissy holes.

    I hope with Mistress Krystala’s approval i will be doing a video of this shortly to demonstrate.

    We should all strive to be the best sissies and sissy babies for our wonderful Mistress Krystala, and part of that is getting and keeping our sissy bodies in shape.
    Now if you don’t have a female exercise outfit like i don’t you are probably going to have to do this naked. Oh and like me no worries if your locked up in chastity it will give Mistress a good laugh to see our useless sissy clits bouncing up and down while doing these exercises.

    Always Mistress Krystala’s Sissy Baby


  5. Mistress Krystala
    All sissies like sissy babies should practice sucking….Ok some of us babies also like sucking on a nice dildo too

  6. As i am a submissive sissy baby of my wonderful Mistress Krystala i have been instructed to register myself for her on Slave Registry as her Owned Property.
    Thank you Mistress for allowing you humble sissy baby to do so.

    Hugs and Kisses
    Your Sissy Baby

  7. Momma, i must thank You for making me one of Your sissy babies. i am now in diapers every night before going to sleepy. i drink my formula bottle as You have instructed before i close my eyes and dream of You dressing me in pretty sissy dresses and changing my wet diapers. also i love to suck on my paci and cuddle with my pinkie bear.
    Thank You Momma for putting me in soft padded diapers !

  8. To all you sissy babies out there who would love to be owned and mothered by Mistress Krystala just a word at first it is not as easy as you would think. Being a sissy and a sissy baby means putting aside your adult male thoughts and behaviours. Remember what ever you do must be pleasing to Mistress Krystala. You will soon learn if you haven’t already to defer to Mistress Krystala on everything. For each and every one of us she will instruct us how we are to be dressed at home as well as in the vanilla world. Remember follow her instructions at all times and your learning process will be a happy one if not a little humiliating at some times..
    Momma’s Sissy Baby

  9. Mistress Krystala is so Adorable as my Momma who wants me as Her sissy barbie baby always wearing panties and diapers. i Worship and Respect Her every day and dream of transforming into Her perfect sissy.

  10. My Momma
    My name is baby tammy although my beautiful Momma could at anytime decide to change it to something she would prefer and that is totally awesome with me.
    I was so lucky to be able to meet Mistress Krystala over 7 years ago now. Mistress took this confused sissy who walked in heels like a child would in her mothers and Mistress after alot of question and answering found out she had a sissy baby on her hands.
    I do not know and do not care to know any other Mommas, nannies or Mistresses as i have come to love and adore Mistress Krystala. Unlike most of her other sissies as her baby i have taken to calling her Momma, but when tell other sissy babies or adult babies looking for a momma i will use her name.
    Without Mistress Krystala in my life i am totally lost, and have a big empty void that can never be filled.
    If you are a sissy baby or for that matter just a plain adult baby and you are looking for a mommy the please take a good look at Mistress Krystala from my personal experience you will not be disappointed.
    I Love You Momma

    hugs and kisses
    Your sissy baby

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