TeamViewer.. Control sessions

I can be your every desire and every nightmare all at the same time.

I have 15+ years of experience in bdsm.

I love to log in to Teamviewer and take over your pc about with settings,look in your personal folders ,humilliate you.. as you sit back and watch me control your lifeline .

Teamviewer aka TV sessions can be a lot of fun with the right Dominant and submissive combination. I enjoy playing very much with it and use Teamviewer for different aspects like gathering evidence against a blackmail sub (under contract only), to train a service slave to perform various online work assignments or to go shopping with one of the money or sissy slaves. It is also great for financial draining/rape sessions, humiliation sessions, and tease & denial, key-holding tease/ chastity management sessions, online secretary slaves and the list goes on.

I use the up to date version of Teamviewer . If you want to engage in a Teamviewer session with Me make sure you have the correct version up and running before contacting me.

Once MistressKrystala  agrees to take your TV ID and password then you schedule your TV session with her. Depending on what sort of Teamviewer session you are looking for different fees will apply. Mistress will  not even go to log into your computer until you have paid.

Make 100% certain to let us know up front which type TV session you are looking for.Discuss likes and dislikes Mistress Krystala understand all needs are not the same and can accomadate that

Sissy Shopping sessionWe shop around on some of the best girly sites and Mistress Krystalas personal favorites ,so you get to feel like a real girlfriend shopping with them who knows maybe we will find matching dresses even. We help you find and style that inner girl inside you so she shines on the outside too!

Humiliation sessionI use TV to search and find out humiliating things about you or make you perform humiliating things for my amusement on cam/chat sites etc… while I control you and your PC and humiliate you TV style.

Financial Draining session-Mistress Krystala will go through all of your accounts credit cards and see exactly how much you need to have purged from your possession. I control you your PC and now your finances and I am going to drain them TV style until there is nothing left Now let’s start with that £100…NOW!!!

Financial Rape sessionWonder what it feels like to be forced to strip naked? Of all your power and money along with your dignity. How humbling to be forced against your will to please anothers sick twisted urge for control and a relentless greedy streak. We’ll make you feel so naked, weak and dirty when we financially rape your loser ass!

Blackmail session-I deeply penetrate your computer and find all the dirty little secrets you do not want to leak out to friends family spouse co-workers. You thought you had it hidden but now we hold the power to your future how much are you willing to pay to keep our mouth shut and your secrets off the web?

Destructive session (files pics etc…)Simple search and destroy. I search for emails, files, photos, keepsakes and delete, disfigure and deface them. After all anything important to you doesn’t mean shit to us. You must sign waiver WARNING Not Liable for loss/damage!

Destruction PC sessionComplete and total deep search of important files, emails, family photos, videos, work documents/projects and then if you think you haven’t had enough then total PC destruction of important files and programs up to system shut down for good. You must sign waiver WARNING Not Liable for loss/damage!

Money Slave shopping sessionWe shop online at some of Mistress Krystalas favorite sites/stores and you are lucky enough to get to help her pick out some sexy items and pay for them all too. Mmm… Mistress Krystala loves shopping with a slave especially when it is their money. The big spenders always receive photos of us in the items purchased.

Other software i like are K9,keylocker plus more

FOW tasks are also used in training ..

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